The Win-Pak 2.0 Release 3 from Northern Computers provides timesaving solutions. The Quick-Start Configuration "Wizard" will guide the user through the configuration process providing default perimeters wherever necessary, allowing the system to be programmed in less than one minute. It supports Windows 2000, in addition to NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98. It has a backup schedule that allows for unattended backup of the database. It features an alarm view pop-up that allows workstations to be used for other applications while selected alarm events pop-up for attention. The Win-Pak 2.0 Release 3 also has an enhanced control map to make it easier to view the status of devices by utilizing color, shape and pop-up text. WIN-PAK 2.0 is the most comprehensive access control software in the industry. Its features provide powerful solutions for day-to-day access control concerns.

Keywords: End User, Access Control, Integrated Systems