The Frontier Version 5.8 software upgrade is a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time monitoring for access doors and alarm points for local/remote locations in the healthcare, airport, higher education, commercial building and industrial markets.

Frontier 5.8 allows users to import background raster images such as .jpg, .bmp, and .tif and combine them with imported native vector images such as CAD or custom-drawn images that are totally editable within the software. Ideally, a three-dimensional CAD drawing of a facility’s floor plan detailing doors, alarm points and other access control features can be overlaid onto a satellite image of the location and surrounding grounds for a total security overview. Such nesting of floor plans versus the industry’s older method of stacking static drawings is state-of-the-art in visual usability and flexibility.

Frontier library icons or custom imported varieties can be used and animated to graphically define areas of importance such as security video locations, fire and safety points, outdoor sprinkler systems, parking lot gates, etc. Frontier’s expanded user-definability allows for extensive icon creation, editing, modification, coloring, behavioral manipulation and other capabilities.

Other capabilities include:

           Zooming in automatically displays hidden visual icons for pinpointing alarm zones. Icons gradually disappear during zooming out to display an overview uncluttered by excessive icons.

           Graphics tools are embedded into the software versus a third-party plug-in that needs separate upgrades. However, Frontier does allow access and compatibility to third-party graphic tool software.

           Matrix Systems’ on-site and/or online training is available along with 24/7 customer service.

Besides graphics, Frontier 5.8 also offers many new features such as a Maintenance Mode, User-Defined PINs, plus enhancements and additional automation to the Pass Back Zone and Access Groups. The new upgrade also offers the industry’s only true fault-tolerant door controller option with triple-tier data distribution redundancy for assured access control connectivity.