StayOnline, the Atlanta-based provider of lodging's StayOnline wireless high-speed Internet access and in-room PC solution, has partnered with Delaware-based VideoSave Inc. and developed the StaySecure Web-enabled video surveillance solution designed to optimize safety and minimize related costs, liabilities at hotels, universities and apartment complexes. In addition to providing immediate, significant ROI with minimal upfront investment, StaySecure minimizes security-related headaches and liabilities with features such as live streaming digital-quality video and a minimum rolling seven-day video archive simultaneously accessible via the Internet by all password-permitted individuals (access can be tiered by user/position), be they located on or off site. Two of StaySecure's other features are: If a camera should fail, VideoSave personnel are automatically notified so they can contact the property's owner/operator; and, if a property so desires, a page or fax can be sent immediately to the operator if motion is detected in a security surveillance area.