International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS), introduces its D7100 Series Ethernet Transceivers. The IFS D7100 Ethernet Transceivers can transmit either 10Mps or 100Mbps Ethernet data over multimode or single-mode optical fiber. The D7100 Series Ethernet Transceiver can be used for point-to-point transmission in systems utilizing the Ethernet packet data protocol. This can be within an existing network or in facilities where no existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure exists. Transmitting Ethernet over fiber optics with this device has an effective range of up to 37 miles. That is more far more effective than a CAT 5 structured cable wiring system, where the distance is limited to 300 feet per segment and requires additional equipment for extended distances. Applications such as corporate data networks, access control systems, Video over IP and other systems requiring extended distance in transmitting Ethernet, that can not be handled by Category 5 cabling is where the D7100 series will be the best solution.