The GBC by Kalatel Brute heavy-duty, ruggedized camera features a die-cast case, clear Lexan window and tamper-resistant screws to enhance weatherproofing and vandal resistance. The Brute may be used in temperature extremes from -20¿ F (-29¿ C) to 140¿ F (60¿ C). The Brute's standard mount allows mounting on either a wall or corner. Its camera can be adjusted while inside its housing. The housing is adjustable as well so that users can easily change viewing areas as desired. The Brute's black-and-white camera delivers a resolution of 425 TV lines and light sensitivity of 0.1 lux. The color camera delivers a resolution of 380 TV lines and light sensitivity of 1 lux. It accepts lenses of 2.5, 4, 6, 8 or 12 mm. The GBC by Kalatel camera features a high-speed electronic shutter that compensates for changing lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dim outdoor lighting. It also provides a backlight compensation circuit that prevents foreground objects from becoming silhouetted against bright backgrounds. The Brute includes a plug-in power supply and easy-connect leads for simple installation.