SECURITY Magazine Roundup

Please take a few minutes to consider being part of an exciting and educational security industry effort.

On a regular basis, SECURITY magazine will publish a series of roundups of commentary by security executives, consultants, engineers and technology experts from manufacturing firms on specific issues of buyer concern.

Each Roundup will contain separate pieces from a diversity of people who share their particular viewpoint, experience, advice or opinion.

Be a Part of This Exciting and Educational Effort

Review the four topics below and consider authoring a fine-focused article. Specifications: write an article of 350-500 words; add an “about the author” to tell SECURITY magazine readers who you are; include high resolution (at least 300 dpi) artwork and charts that support your article; include a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) photo of yourself – a color head-and-shoulders picture.

Submit the article (WORD file preferred) and artwork by email to SECURITY magazine editor, Bill Zalud, at Your article submission will be acknowledged and considered for publication.

Here are four topics…pick one or more and submit your Roundup article(s) to SECURITY magazine.

Topic 1 -- Access Controls = What access control card strategy is best for the next year or two?

Topic 2 -- Video Security = What is the one most commonly made mistake in placing cameras inside or outside a facility?

Topic 3 -- Integrated Systems = What is the biggest challenge today in tying diverse security systems together into an integrated approach?

Topic 4 -- Identification = Tell us of an effective method of applying identification badges (technology, design, creation, implementation, etc.).

What not to include: these are not articles to promote a specific product or company. Concentrate on a fine-focused viewpoint, experience, piece of advice or opinion that you feel will be helpful to readers of SECURITY magazine.

Please take a few minutes to consider being part of an exciting and educational security industry effort – SECURITY magazine Roundup.

Do you have another idea for an article in SECURITY magazine that you would author? We are all ears! SECURITY magazine features technology articles that update a specific, fine-focused technology advance; case studies and application articles that highlight how a product or system has been specifically applied; and cover articles that feature an end user security program.

Send your general article ideas to SECURITY magazine managing editor, John Mesenbrink, at . Remember: the SECURITY magazine Roundup articles go to Editor Bill Zalud at .

Thank you.