The Security Industry Association (SIA) has commissioned its first field study of the Physical Security Body of Knowledge, and we are requesting your help in what will be a major initiative involving everyone in the field, whether they are SIA members or not.

The study will be e-mailed on Feb. 2 to all who have given us permission to include them. Between now and January 21, SIA Education will compile as large a list as possible of people in the security industry who want to provide their points of view and information about the skills and knowledge necessary to do their work or supervise others.

This massive effort started in August 2008 with a conference of thought leaders in the security industry. It progressed to the formation of three industry forums about a year ago that involved more leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in the industry. They further narrowed the conversation to the most necessary and valued roles and occupations in our field. Now, we would like to offer you the opportunity to participate.

SIA is asking Security Magazine readers for two favors.

First, if you would like to participate in the study, please e-mail SIA Education at to request the Physical Security Field Study Intake Form. We want you to give us complete and candid answers. There are no wrong answers in a field study, and everything you can tell us is extremely valuable. Second, think about five others in your company or business network who are in the security industry - whether they are SIA members or not - who might want to participate. Please send their names, company names and e-mail addresses to by Jan. 21, 2010. We promise not to call, write or e-mail them after we complete the field study.

The success of this study depends on broad participation. We hope you'll join us in what we think will be an exciting and productive project. -- Arminda Valles-Hall, Director of Education and Training, Security Industry Association