As the threat from terrorism diminishes slightly, security executives are returning to the tried-and-true. Security executives at the leading business, government and commercial organizations rank access control and computer/information security as the top security concerns this year, with property crime, employee theft, terrorism and violent crime a little less of a concern. Over the course of several years, the SECURITY Magazine annual industry forecast study consistently finds security executives rank access as a top concern. Computer security concerns have climbed higher as corporations and CEOs gain a better understanding of the threats and potential losses due to this type of incident.


1 Access/egress

2 Computer/information security

3 Property crime

4 Employee theft

5 Terrorism

6 Violent crime

7 Parking lot/garage security

Security departments face a number of changes within their organizations that affect budgets, programs and use of security technology. In the 2003 industry forecast study, respondents report that the most important influence is when their organization adds or expands a facility. A second factor: anti-terror measures.


1 Facilities added/expanded

2 Anti-terror measures

3 Downsizing/layoffs

4 New employees

5 Increase in burglaries, theft

6 Facilities closed/sold

7 White collar crime, fraud

Uniquely, the SECURITY Magazine study has discovered that, in addition to routine business activities, the two most important factors impacting budgets are economic conditions and September 11th.

Not surprisingly, video surveillance and access controls are the top planned purchases this year. Products related to video surveillance, security cameras and digital video storage and retrieval are among the top products to be purchased. Access control cards and two-way radios are at the top of the buy list, too.


1 CCTV surveillance

2 Access cards

3 Video cameras

4 Digital video storage, retrieval

5 Two-way radios

6 Electronic access control systems

7 Fire protection systems