For the last several years I have spent time as a judge at ISC West as part of the Security Industry Association New Products Showcase or NPS.

It is a commitment in time that amounts to between a day to a day and a half. Now that may seem like a lot of time but there is always the other side of the coin…the “what do I get out of it side.” I will tell you about that “other side” later on – I’m sure you’ll understand.

The NPS consists of several panels of judges that convene first thing in the morning on the day prior to the start of ISC West. It is the brain child of Sandy Jones, one of the true innovators of our industry.

This year I believe we were four panels of five judges. Each panel is given a conference room with a long judges’ table and an area in front of it with all the necessary elements to accommodate a presentation. A large screen to show PowerPoint, videos or slides, a movable equipment cart for an LCD projector as well as all the relevant electrical cords and connections required. There is an NPS official present for the entire day. He/she is responsible for time keeping and making sure that each “vendor entrant” receives equal treatment.

The NPS is kind of like speed dating. Each entry is allowed 15 minutes for their product presentation and demonstration. Part of that time is also allocated to questions from the judges concerning the product. By no means is it a lot of time and each company must be well prepared to get their product information communicated to the judges succinctly and quickly. After the 15 minute presentation the presenting company leaves, and the next entrant enters the room. The “swapping” of entrants, last for next, is allowed a time of 3 minutes. This continues all day until each of the four judging panels has seen approximately 20 to 25 presentations.

This year I believe the NPS judged 90 to a 100 different products. The next day (day one of ISC West) the judges “come together” as a group and caucus to arrive at the various category winners.

You’ll recall that I said I would tell you about the “what do I get out of it” part. The first thing I get is to be one of the first to see all or most of the “new products” entering our industry. And, every once in a while, I get treated to being one of the first in our business to see a truly remarkable, industry shaking, innovative product. This year happened to be one of those remarkable “once in a while” events. NoblePeak Vision won the best product of this year’s show with its TriWave camera. It is a new innovative technology that allows a camera to see at night using “natural light.” No additional light required to function makes this a monumental breakthrough which should change how cameras operate at night in the future.

My day and a half commitment as a judge was very gratifying this year. All the judges were committed, they all worked at it, and we all walked away feeling a lot of pride in our industry. Brilliant…simply brilliant!   

This year happened to be one of those remarkable “once in a while” events with NoblePeak Vision’s New Product Showcase win. 

SIDEBAR: Best of New Products from ISC West

The Security Industry Association told Security Magazine that the NoblePeak Vision TriWave Camera has won the 2008 NPS Innovation Award at SIA’s New Product Showcase (NPS).

“It is truly a breakthrough product,” said Shayne Bates, principal of security consulting for Koffel Associates and 2008 NPS judge. “NoblePeak has applied science to solve the scientific problem of how light is used at night. This product has the potential to change how we see and use cameras in a range of facilities and conditions.”

2008 New Product Showcase Winners:

SIA NPS Innovation Award (“Best in Show”): NoblePeak Vision TriWave Camera

Access Control:Tyco International/Software House iSTAR Pro-Rack Mount

Biometrics: Privaris plusID 75

Convergence:  Proximex Surveillint 3.0

Fire/Life Safety: Linear LLC Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector with Add-on Receiver in a Kit

Home Technologies: GE Security SmartCommand

Intrusion Detection/Prevention:Winland Electronics EnivroAlert-EA800

Integrated Software, Products and Systems:  Brivo Systems OnSite SE

IP Devices, Products and Software: JVC Professional Products Company’s VN-V686WPU

Monitoring: Dedicated Micros NetVu Console

Urban Security/Critical Infrastructure:  Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System V 3.0

Video Device: NoblePeak Vision Corp TriWave Camera

Video Analytics:  VideoIQ iCVR

Video Storage and Distribution: Pivot3 High-Definition Storage

Special Achievement in Innovation: Theia Technologies SY125 Ultra Wide Lens

Judge’s Choice Award for Residential: NAPCO Security System ISee Video EOP Kit

Judge’s Choice Award for Commercial: Brivo Systems OnSite SE