A survey from Abnormal Security reveals that account takeovers are a prominent threat. By surveying 300 security professionals across a range of industries and organization sizes, the report found that 83% of organizations claimed to have experienced at least one account takeover in the last year. Furthermore, 45.5% of organizations experienced more than five account takeover incidents in the past year, and nearly one in five experienced more than 10. The survey determined that 77% of security leaders believe an account takeover is among the top four security concerns for their organization. 

The survey also revealed what cloud applications security stakeholders are most concerned may be compromised. These include: 

  • File and storage sharing services, such as Box and Dropbox. 
  • Cloud infrastructure services, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. 
  • Business email accounts, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Contract and document management software, such as Docusign.