A school district in Illinois has adopted a gun detection technology that is run by artificial intelligence (AI). This AI gun detection system is designed to maintain schoolground security by proactively identifying potential threats. The AI gun detection system was designed by ZeroEyes and possesses a U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation.

The school, Mount Pulaski Community Unified School District of Logan Count, Illinois, has deployed this technology at Mount Pulaski Grade School (MPGS) and Mount Pulaski High School (MPHS). The school district has incorporated this technology into an already-existing crisis response plan, providing the school district with a range of security measures to protect against gun violence.

The AI’s situational awareness and gun detection software is now embedded into digital cameras on the school’s campus. If the AI detects a gun, images will be taken ad shared with an operations center to determine the validity of the threat.