According to a recent Bitwarden report, 33% of Americans have used a sports-themed password. Those who have are twice as likely to have used one inspired by a professional sports team (46%) versus a college sports team (22%).

The report found that nearly half of Americans aged 18-34 (49%) have used a sports-related password, making them the largest age group to do so. Americans living in the Midwest (25%) are the least likely to have used a sports-related password compared to 32% in the Northeast, 35% in the South and 35% in the West.

Additional findings include:

  • 20% of Americans report their sports-related password has been compromised
  • 75% admit to reusing their sports-related password across multiple accounts
  • Men (79%) are more likely than women (69%) to reuse the same sports-related password for more than one account
  • Those who have used a sports-related password have reused the same password for four accounts, on average