A 2022 NordPass study reveals the most common passwords of the year. The most common password globally was 'password', which was cracked within less than a second on average. 

Additionally, researchers notice the same pattern every year — sports teams, movie characters and food items dominate every password list.

Films and shows like Batman, Euphoria and Encanto were among the most popular releases in 2021/2022. All are also popular passwords: “batman” was used 2,562,776 times, “euphoria” 53,993 and “encanto” 10,808 times.

Top 5 global passwords:

    password: 4,929,113 uses

    123456: 1,523,537 uses

    123456789: 413,056 uses

    guest: 376,417 uses

    qwerty: 309,679 uses

Top 5 U.S. Passwords:

    guest: 127,861 uses

    123456: 109,322 uses

    password: 74,533 uses

    12345: 31,675 uses

    a1b2c3: 15,702 uses

Security leaders can encourage employees to utilize safer password practices to help ensure company data isn't compromised. The report provided the following guidelines to help build stronger passwords: 

Think long and complex 

A complex password is one that contains at least 12 characters and a variety of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Using a password generator is the easiest way to create complex passwords.

Don’t reuse passwords

A single password for multiple accounts makes a hacker's job that much easier. If only one of the accounts is compromised, all other accounts become jeopardized. 

Audit accounts

Regularly check which accounts still in use and ones typically unused. Unused accounts can put personal online security at risk because breaches may go undetected.

Check password strength and update regularly

Regularly assess password health. Identify weak, reused or old passwords and fortify online security with new, complex ones.