According to a recent Yubico survey, 80% of respondents are concerned about the security of their online accounts. Additionally, 39% admitted to using the same passwords for multiple accounts.

The report found that boomers are the least likely to reuse passwords (20%), while millennials are more than twice as likely to reuse passwords (47%) across their accounts.

Additional survey findings include: 

  • 32% are not confident that they could spot a fraudulent or fake online retailer.
  • 33% of respondents save their credit card information in their online accounts.
  • Boomers have a greater mistrust of websites than millennials.
  • 37% of millennials save their credit card information in their online accounts, while 19% of boomers do.
  • On average, boomers (42%) are almost twice as likely to feel unconfident in their ability to spot a fraudulent online retailer than gen Z (23%) and millennials (29%).
  • 49% respondents stated that they do not use MFA, don’t know what it is or are not sure if they have MFA turned on.

Read the full findings here.