We’ve reached the end of another week, Security readers, so it’s time for another Week in Review!

Top news this week includes:

Ten Reported Shot Outside Empire State Building: Breaking news Friday morning – Two are dead and nine injured after a man opened fire, shooting a former coworker outside the Empire State Building.

Houston’s Homeland Security Viral Videos: A set of fairly expensive PSA videos from Houston are making waves with taxpayers and causing a splash online with more than 800,000 views of YouTube.

Entire Airport Security Team Replaced After Shooting: After several airport security agents in Mexico were believed to be trafficking drugs and opened fire when attempting to escape authorities, the airport has replaced its entire security team.

New Study Explores Security Risks in Office Laptop Use: As the Bring Your Own Device trend grows, security professionals are taking a closer look at how much risk work laptops bring to organizations.

Experts Rush to Protect Cars from Viruses: Modern cars contain numerous miniature computers, so what’s keeping them from being infected with specialized computer viruses? Experts from different car companies and McAfee Labs are attempting to circumvent the risk of vehicular viruses.


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