Good afternoon, Security readers – prepare for next week in a flash with the Week in Review.

What were this week’s top articles? What breaking news has appeared on the wire? We hate to hold you in suspense, so read on.

This week’s most popular features:

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In other news:

Report: Bag with Bomb Left Under Building Guard Desk for Weeks: A canvas bag was found outside a Detroit government office building last year, and a security officer brought it inside and stored it under the desk as a found item instead of screening it as suspicious. As it turns out, the locked safe inside the bag was very suspicious – it contained a bomb.

22 Charged in Scheme to Cheat Comcast: Some careful, long-term investigations came to a head at Comcast when five people were arrested and warrants released for 17 as an intricate plot to defraud the company of millions of dollars was discovered.

More Residents Hire Private Security during Police Budget Cuts: Residents are taking their neighborhood security into their own hands as police forces are cut back and patrols dwindle.

March EPA Data Breach Impacts 8,000 People: The EPA released news this week that a data breach in March released Social Security numbers, bank routing information and other personal records of thousands of employees and contractors.

Guards Replaced Following Tennessee Nuclear Security Breach: Following a security breach by a trio of wire fence–cutting activists, guards at what was once called “the Fort Knox of uranium” have been replaced.