How can you solve investigations with your cell phone? How can you protect your business from data breaches? How can Video Management Software make schools safer?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the Week in Review!

What are companies doing to take their smartphones to the next level? Find out how camera phones are changing the face of guarding and surveillance with How Mobile Apps Can Solve Investigations and Add Value.

Who are the industry’s best guarding companies? Check out our 2004 list in SECURITY’s Top Guarding Companies.

In the midst of disastrous data breaches such as the password leaks at Yahoo!, LinkedIn and eHarmony, how can smaller organizations protect their data? Find out how in Five Steps to Protecting Data in Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.

How can VMS solve student behavioral problems in schools? Read more in 5 Benefits of Video Management Software for Safer Schools.

Securing Doors in Schools, Hospitals and Detention Centers can be a difficult, yet necessary task. How can you lock down a facility while maintaining the necessary egresses on thousands of doors?

How did security help in Solving the Eli Lilly Drug Theft – the largest theft of prescription drugs in U.S. history?

We’ve all heard about the amazing feats that megapixel cameras can achieve, but how much do they actually cost? The sticker price is only the beginning in Calculating the Cost of Megapixel Cameras.

Even beyond biometrics, convergence and Sarbanes-Oxley,The Forces of Change are overtaking the security industry. Which ones should you look out for now?

With the plethora of products tailored to niche markets, how can you choose the best Video Management System for your organization? Read the Top 10 Open Video Management Systems for some guidance.

How do you secure parking lots when they’re such a typically easy target for crime? Find out in Using Education to Prevent Parking Lot Crime.


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