Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Security readers!

It has been a busy week here at Security magazine, but we’re happy to announce that we have some amazing content coming up for your June and July editions!

Upcoming for June, arriving in your mailbox soon, be sure to read up on our cover story on The Security Leader, who moves security beyond just guns, guards and gates.

Other top articles include the impact of H.264 on video surveillance, how to coordinate with your CFO, and updating a legacy access control system.

But onward, to the top stories on the website this week:

The May cover story, Beyond the Numbers: What the Stanley-Niscayah M&A Means for You, is once again our top-viewed article of the week! Read what top CSOs across the industry are saying about the potential impact of the merger, and how it could affect you.

A consistent winner, SECURITY’s Top Guarding Companies, has been holding strong at the top of the list since it was first published in 2004. We have the top facts on guarding companies, such as the employment rate of the six biggest companies, and the impact of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the guarding industry.

Security’s Top 25 People in the Security Industry may have been published in 2007, but these profiles on top industry VIPs are worth reading – if just to measure how far people have come! Think of it like looking back through an old yearbook, but without drawn-on mustaches.

Ranked by industry, take a look at last year’s top 500 security organizations in the SEC 500: 2011 Rankings. Will you be seeing your company’s name in the top spot this year?

When you have to sort through a mountain of Video Management Systems, it can be difficult to figure out which is the right fit for your company. Let us help you with our Top 10 Open Video Management Systems feature!

From our May 2012 edition, learn how you can track your visitors, guards and employees without having to babysit them with Bill Zalud’s Trail Mix: Five Good Ways to Track People.

After a momentous FBI effort to clean up damage done to hundreds of thousands of computers by an international hacking scheme, any infected computer will lose access to the Internet on July 9, unless its user evaluates their operating system on an FBI-supported site. Read more in Hundreds of Thousands Might Lose Internet in July.

Workplace violence is not specific to any one industry. It might be more prevalent in healthcare or late-night retail, but that doesn’t mean it can’t strike elsewhere. Find out some of Laura Scott, Esq.’s solutions in Workplace Violence: A Scourge Across Diverse Industries.

Breaking news hit the security industry last week when Stanley CSS president Tony Byerly announced he was leaving the company. Read the breaking news report, Tony Byerly Leaving Stanley CSS.


Other top news this week includes some Security Magazine Web Exclusives, such as:

Web Exclusive: Study: Workplace Violence Prevention Programs Fail to Address Abusers

Four Arrested After a Man’s Beating at Dodger Stadium

From the eNewsletter: Protecting Against the Thieves Within: How to Implement an Effective Fraud Prevention Program

Port Authority Appoints 33-year Veteran as New Acting Police Chief

Chicago Police Show Restrain, Get High Praise for NATO Protests


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