A few months ago, ISIO suggested in articles that security managers must ensure that there is a contingency in the budget to obtain equipment or skills training in case of an unknown threat that could arrive out of the blue.

Any responsible managing or finance director must consider allocating funding and preparing for the Coronavirus emerging threat because it has life-impacting or life and death possibilities.

Considering Equipment, Manpower Training and Policy

Training for Staff

Obviously, the biggest nightmare is not knowing a threat until one can are truly see and hear the threat. The faster a person of interest is identified, the better. A non-intrusive method to interview someone that is suspected of having flu symptoms is also needed. Consider the fact that people may lie or hide about their medical status because of fears. One may then need to determine where and who they were with over the past days. Subsequently, quick interviewing methods based on deception detection is required (ISIO highly recommends the HIM Tool).

Strangely enough, you would be surprised how many people do not know how to wash their hands. Regardless - show them when talking to them 'by soaping up between fingers and even fingernails'. Furthermore, ensure that bathrooms are stocked with medical soap.

Furthermore, train all, that touching others must be with medical gloves. Ensure that any cuts or open wounds must be quickly cleaned with disinfectant and securely covered with plasters. 


  • Some type of thermal detector be it connected to video surveillance or handheld to identify people that have high temperatures.
  • Medical gloves and face masks for all staff and specially security staff.
  • Mouth-to-mouth respiration protectors for safety officers or staff familiar with first aid training.

Consider Policy

It may be the case that people may come into contact with many other people - infected or not. Some may be tested once and then set free. Subsequently, all people must be closely and continuously monitored for flu symptoms. Naturally, any educated HR professional in the company would be able to contribute towards policy besides the training of staff (perhaps security can assist in the training. The benefit of security staff assisting would be reinforcing the knowledge and heightening situational awareness, which is a key factor for security awareness). 

Furthermore, staff that are on travel or business trips must be supported by HR or Security in every way. It is suggested that HR and Security learn from this experience to ensure that the staff that travel are provided a travel bag with the necessary items to protect themselves which should include masks, gloves and plasters.