Were you part of the +30,000 attendees or exhibitors at ISC West 2019? Security professionals and exhibitors launched and exhibited a number of new products to help enterprise security executives to mitigate physical and cybersecurity risks. The following includes just some of the new security products and solutions that were featured at ISC West this year. 
The Proscreen 900™  Plus from Metrasens is able to detect sub-machine guns, assault-style rifles, sniper rifles and class III weapons. It is also designed for high throughput environments and is able to screen 50-60 people per minute or 3,000-3,600 per hour, making it perfect for large scale events such as football season. Its alarm output module allows for integration into PSIM’s, access control systems and video surveillance systems.  Daniel Kuzniewski, Director of Marketing for Metrasens, says, “In Proscreen 900™ Plus, Metrasens is seizing the opportunity to bring mass casualty threat detection beyond the checkpoint to create a new perimeter, effectively offering the industry the next layer of screening that it has long desired.”
Trends: New layers of physical security protection 
Stanley Trends is a business intelligence software that combines video surveillance and exception-based reporting, allowing for operational efficiency while maintaining strong business ethics at a regional or national level. Its surveillance footage allows retailers to reduce unknown theft, decrease operational expenses and access data through reports on daily inputs, processes and activity. Tony Dozier, Director of Professional Services Sales for Stanley Global Electronics Security, says, "Trends is targeted for Retail and is designed to integrate with existing POS solutions and video surveillance. When you add exception-based business intelligence to your POS, it helps retail executives make better decisions by catching employees who steal and reduce operating expense through heat maps and advanced traffic visualization."
Trends: Cloud based solutions, outsourcing of employees and access control.  
Boon Edam’s Circlelock Solo prevents intrusion in sensitive areas such as data centers by offering a two-factor authentication capability without guard supervision: an AMAG Symmetry card reader as initial authorization and then identity verification through the inside of the portal with the iCAM7S series reader from IRIS ID. Tracie Thomas, Vice President of Marketing for Boon Edam, says, “With the Circlelock Solo, you actually have two stages of physical entry – the first credential can open the first door and let the user into the chamber. The chamber is scanned and if the user is proven to be alone only then can they present their identity to a biometric device to open the second set of doors. This working principle satisfies the “true intent” of multi-factor authentication."
Trends: Shift in people educating themselves on physical security
SilverShield Visitor Management System is a manned or unmanned visitor screening that checks visitor’s credentials against watchlists and the national sex offender database. If a threat is identified, the system deploys a silent alert that is sent out immediately. The emergency security system can be used at schools, college campuses and wider medical and businesses facilities. Robin Regina Baker, Chief Technology Officer of SilverShield, says SilverShield’s strategy is focusing on “helping protect schools from emergencies like active shooters and helping secure medical facilities by providing layers of screening.” 
Trends: integration, access control, cameras and door locking systems
The Sielox CLASS (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) Emergency Notification and Response Solution provides vital emergency status details to first responders. Designated users can issue emergency alerts that notify responders of real time conditions via one of its five programmable color-coded alert levels. Users can also report on their location and the chat enables two-way communication between first responders and the user in danger. Karen Evans, President and CEO of Sielox, says, “The CLASS emergency notification and response solution is perfect for crisis management, especially for K12.”
Trends: Cloud based solutions and mobile security
March Networks' Insight Monitoring and Resolution Service allows Certified Solution Partners to keep updated on the health of customer networks and surveillance infrastructures through a cloud-based management platform, which enables them to securely access critical video network information. All data is only accessed through two-factor authentication and through physical access controls and restrictions such as a retinal scanner and 24/7 video monitoring. Dan Cremins, Global Product Management Leader for March Networks, says “The visibility that March Networks Insight provides can save an organization an enormous amount of time, help them budget and plan for upgrades and mitigate cybersecurity risks by ensuring their devices are always running the most current software versions.” March Networks' strategy is diving into what problems end users are trying to solve and provide solutions-based products to fit their needs. 
Trends: artificial intelligence, deep learning and cloud-based solutions
Panasonic FacePRO is a facial recognition system that identifies faces that might be difficult to recognize with other common video surveillance technology. Faces of repeat shoplifters, offenders and wanted criminals can be registered in the system and if recognized, they will send an alarm after they have been detected. Its deep learning facial recognition function allows it to distinguish face orientation, sunglasses and facial aging changes. When asked how Panasonic’s FacePro can help, Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Senior Manager and Head of Global Promotion & Strategic Alliance, says, “FacePro can help detect people on the watch-list in real time in airports and transit systems, stadiums, hospitals, nursing homes, retail applications and many more.” Panasonic’s strategy is to move towards providing video data analytics solutions such as deep learning, facial recognition to improve public safety.
Trends: Artificial intelligence analytics and facial recognition 
Assa Abloy’s ABLOY EL410 is fail locked type lock. Doors can either be opened by pushing or pulling when electric control is switched on. The lock can be operated by key from outside and by handle from inside when electric control is switched off. The lock is also always deadlocked when doors close. Jerry Burhans, Managing Director for Abloy USA, says Abloy’s strategy in the security industry is focusing on professional end users and critical infrastructure. 
Trends: integration of cloud-based solutions with locks. 
Through our meetings, one theme stood out: security companies are focusing on providing revolutionary and highly effective products and administering the best customer experience.  Another theme included focusing on creating and improving solutions-based products for end users. Security vendors also noted a “new energy” in the security industry that they say can be attributed to the involved, learning culture of end users when it comes to the enterprise security solutions that they employ.