A security solution for the healthcare industry designed to enhance operational efficiencies, decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction has been launched by Johnson Controls.

The firm is collaborating with VidSys, a provider of physical security information management software, for the solution that collects information from existing disparate security and non-security building systems in one integrated, intelligent, decision-based system.

By analyzing information from systems such as access control, fire and intruder alarms, visitor and identity management, infant abduction, radio frequency location services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security operators can quickly manage and resolve situations following standard operating procedure. The collected information will help rule out false alarms and ultimately minimize risk to patients, staff and visitors.

Johnson Controls has recognized PSIM as a key integration-enabling solution for complex security and building management systems and has built capabilities to develop and deliver this advanced solution for our customers, says Mike Webster, manager of the Global Security Center of Excellence, Johnson Controls.