I must admit, this is my first time at ISC West, but I was not the only person in awe of the scale of this year's event. 

Most of the vendors, end users and personnel we talked to today proclaimed that this was the busiest the show has ever been. I can believe it. With nearly 1,000 exhibitors, the show floor was packed with dynamic displays and seas of visitors — as well as the occasional marching band and flash mob. 

Through many appointments and events today, Security's editorial team (Diane Ritchey and myself) got a fair view of the show, but many vendors that we visited had a lot of information that isn't yet ready for the public. We got the early scoop, and you'll be hearing about it all soon. However, we do have a few key highlights to note.

There has been a strong focus on ease of use and simple training programs. Axis Communications taught groups of media professionals how to install and operate their new SD card-storage surveillance systems (our group got it in under 10 minutes, thank you). 

IP integration was also a heavy component of today's programming, with key points from Lenel, Amag Technology and Smarter Security, just to name a few. Presenters noted remote diagnostics and control as some of the main, cost-saving reasons to switch to or adapt existing analog systems to IP. 

Mobile components also played a part in many companies' innovations, with a smartphone app that can turn all security personnel into moving security cameras. 

Tomorrow, I hope to see more about other featured trends in security this year, especially cloud computing and BYOD (both of particular interest to this tablet user), as well as even more creative integration. 

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