I’m reporting from the Epic Hotel in Miami on the eve of what is sure to be an epic networking, educational, and pleasurable adventure over the next three days. I’m here to cover Axis Communications’ A&E Technology Summit 2012, the fifth annual for the company. This event is designed to provide information to consultants and engineers who design and specify network video surveillance solutions. The program is being led by Jack Meltzer, A&E and consultant program manager at Axis Communications.

Meltzer welcomed the consultants and their guests this evening at a reception and dinner. Axis representatives teased the consultants with a (rounded off) by-the-numbers quiz. For example, what is…

1? …Axis Communications’ position as a provider of network video surveillance solutions, the company said;

400? …the number of engineers and R&D specialists employed by Axis;

450? …Axis Communications’ annual sales in millions;

800? …the number of architects, engineers and consultants in Axis’ A&E Program.

 The evening was concluded with a fun, general-knowledge trivia quiz, and several tables of winners were awarded Amazon.com gift certificates.

 On tap for Friday, the chief information officer at the Port of Miami, Louis Noriega, will offer a keynote address. As a result of his efforts, the Port of Miami has won many national awards for its successful implementation of leading-edge integrated systems, and is known as the most technologically advanced Landlord Port throughout the Western Hemisphere, Axis shared.

Next, Patrik Pettersson and Andres Vigren of Axis Communications are expected to share the company’s product roadmap. A second keynote will be delivered by Dominick Flores, senior project manager at Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd.

And to wrap up the morning’s presentations, Steve Surfaro, Axis’ development manager and security industry liaison, will give us an intriguing look at the top 10 transformative technologies in physical and cyber security. I’ve heard several of Steve’s presentations in the past, so I know that his vast knowledge and accurate insight are always an epic gift to the future-focused security professional!

On Friday afternoon, A&E guests will board Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas vessel for a three-night cruise to the Bahamas, including much more to come in the way of technology presentations, workshops, and specific applications — not to mention epic fun.