Two shoppers at an Atlanta-area Walmart reported being pricked by hypodermic needles hidden in clothing, prompting an investigation by Georgia sheriff officials. A third shopper found a broken syringe in the pocket of a pair of pants at the Walmart in Cartersville, about 45 miles northwest of Atlanta, but was unharmed, according to a spokesman for the Bartow County Sheriff Office. He said the first incident was reported November 22, when a woman bought a pair of footed pajamas at the store for her daughter. When the girl was putting on the clothes at home, she reported being stuck by a syringe. In another case, reported November 27, a woman said that while shopping at the store two days earlier, she opened a package of bras and her finger was stuck by a needle. After telling the store manager, she was advised to seek medical attention. The spokesman said neither victim had any medical issues that we know of, after the incidents. The syringes, which were all recovered, appeared to be unused.