New research of senior-level IT and physical security professionals from both public and private organizations reveals that the overall landscape remains similar to last year, as organizations continue to face complex safety and security environments managed through multiple, distributed locations and ongoing budget challenges. The survey commissioned by VidSys also shows that while there is increasing physical security information management or PSIM momentum and a more strategic view of risk management within organizations, movement along the security and technology maturity continuum towards true situation awareness has been slow over the past 12 months.

But things are changing.

Outside of committing to making PSIM technology investments in the coming months, the majority of respondents view benefits inherent in PSIM technology as important. 67 percent responded that integrating data from traditional physical security devices and systems, including access control, video, RFID, GPS, sensors and building management systems, in to one common operating picture is important. In fact, the need to create a common operating picture across all security systems is one of the biggest drivers of security plans in the next 12 – 18 months, as is the desire to reduce operational costs.

The survey results, analyzed by James Chong and Kelly Fiedler of VidSys, is the heart of a Security Magazine Webinar that is available free through the magazine’s Web site Webinar archive. Go to the Events tab on the Security Magazine home page and then to the Webinar archive to view this informative presentation.