After an explosive printer cartridge was found last year en route to the United States in UPS and FedEx shipments, DHS tightened security for inbound international cargo and temporarily banned all shipments from Yemen. DHS and industry are now collaborating to establish precautionary security measures and improve the flow of parcels and packages. A DHS official who heads up mail issues at the office for international affairs said discussions at the highest levels focused on improving the situation for mail. He said DHS has been talking with the World Trade Organization, Universal Postal Union, PostEurop, and major postal operators including the U.S. Postal Service on how to improve the collection and handling of advanced notice data. The DHS official has been pushing for the adoption of internationally developed postal standards, and the recognition of certified companies and mail handling buildings. A DHL Global Mail chief executive said that security measures imposed by the Transportation Security Administration had really put a lot of stress on things. Nevertheless, he said DHL was attempting to be pragmatic, working with DHS and TSA. DHL is meeting all the requirements and exceeding them, he said. We’re still not out of it, but then there never will be 100 percent security.