Last year was record-setting -- the fewest on-duty deaths of firefighters since the United States Fire Administration started compiling statistics in 1977. There were 85 on-duty deaths in 2010, according to preliminary statistics. Of those, 15 are classified as Hometown Heroes. In 2003, federal legislation was adopted that firefighters who died of heart attacks or strokes within 24 hours of a response or training receive that designation. This is the second year in a row that on-duty deaths showed a decline. In 2009, the country experienced the lowest number in 15 years. Of those who died in 2010, 55 were volunteers, 28 were career, one was a paid full-time wildland firefighter, and one was a paid-on call firefighter. Heart attacks continue to claim the most firefighters, 56.4 percent, while trauma was reported in 23.5 percent of the deaths. Other causes included stroke, burns, heat exhaustion, asphyxiation, and crushing.