What is the “Great Conversation” about physical security? The ASG Security Summit & Expo Returns to Seattle on March 8, 2011, celebrating its 10th year preparing security leaders to address top security concerns by engaging in a “Great Conversation.” The summit is a forum where physical and logical security leaders share their insights on emerging trends, benchmark and influence security solutions and network with their peers to improve the strategic value of security in their organization. The Summit will again be host to the “Great Conversation,” an open discussion and learning platform that encourages attendees to interact directly with other attendees, presenters, sponsors and key partners to leverage the largest pool of security industry experience and knowledge currently available. The Summit will also feature main stage presentations by thought leaders in the Security Industry that will address the industry’s emerging trends, key issues and solutions. Additionally, breakout sessions will offer practical case studies where real-world applications guide security executives in implementing solutions based on these ideas. Visit www.aronsonsecurity.com/summit for more information. Let us know what you think the “Great Conversation” needs to entail. Email to ritcheyd@bnpmedia.com