“Microsoft Global Security: Converting the Dream Into an Integrated Global Program” Mike Howard and David Gibbs have been selected to speak at the ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits in Dallas Texas, Oct 13, 2010. Session 3311 at 4:30 PM

The presentation will review how Microsoft Global Security: Converting the Dream Into an integrated Global Program.

Microsoft’s strategic “Zero Based” planning, and resulting streamlined security solution, efficient and cost effective Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), is using off-the-shelf tools that integrated automation and integrity of the Security Department. What were the business drivers that lead to the approval of the business case? How can you “map” these to your company? Smart strategic planning created an opportunity for Microsoft Security to implement a global converged approach to physical security, based on a foundation of information technology. Using standard, off-the-shelf software applications and the existing network provided the keystone for the success.

Learn the results of Microsoft ability to monitor its entire enterprise from centralized GSOC locations, and still respond and dispatch personnel where needed throughout the world, thus enabling remote monitoring, precision response, and global interoperability. Implementing and monitoring physical security for an enterprise the size of Microsoft can be cumbersome and expensive. Traditional approaches to physical security are inefficient and difficult to manage effectively on a global scale. By building a strategy for physical security that relies on standard off-the shelf products and the existing IP networking infrastructure,

Microsoft has been able to realize substantial cost savings, improved security. Gain insight into the tools, example scenarios, and lessons learned in the planning and deployment of this sustainable, predictable, and effective global physical security model.