The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at the University of Southern Mississippi has deployed the Avigilon HD Surveillance System as a permanent laboratory tool for the purpose of studying techniques to mitigate the security risks inherent with large spectator sport venues. The system will go live on October 2, providing security for the nationally televised conference football game vs. Marshall University at the M.M. Roberts Stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi.

As a founding partner of the NCS4, Avigilon is committed to supporting the Center’s mission to advance the professional development of its students, faculty, and programs and enhance stadium and arena security around the globe. Collaborating with the Center through training and research, Avigilon has invested more than $250,000 by supplying the Avigilon HD Surveillance System in a joint effort to increase sports security awareness worldwide. The Avigilon HD Surveillance System will be used by NCS4 members both locally and remotely to demonstrate risk mitigation techniques and will also be used as a compliance tool for industry requirements such as the National Football League’s Code of Conduct.

“Broadcast sports events have relied on instant replay capabilities to provide indisputable decisions regarding game plays, and now the Avigilon HD Surveillance System can offer the same features to enhance stadium and arena security,” said Dr. Lou Marciani, NCS4 director. “We will use the Avigilon HD Surveillance System to demonstrate how the effective implementation of an HD surveillance solution can mitigate risk, help ensure spectator safety, and be used as a tool for regulatory compliance.”

“As the only sports security training organization of its kind in the United States, the NCS4 has clearly demonstrated the need for a standard approach to risk mitigation and process conformance for stadiums and arenas,” said Dave Tynan, vice president of global sales and marketing at Avigilon. “We are pleased that the Avigilon HD Surveillance System will play a critical role in the Center’s effort to enhance the level of preparedness at the M.M. Roberts Stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi and at sporting venues worldwide.”

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