Outdated security systems introduced to combat airliner hijacking 40 years ago must be overhauled to address new terrorism threats, the head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said November 2. “Today’s threats require a different approach and different technology,” IATA’s director-general told delegates atthe AVSEC aviation security conference in Frankfurt, Germany. His comments came 4days after authorities in the United Arab Emirates and Britain found two packages sentfrom Yemen believed to contain the explosive material PETN. “The events in Yemen have put cargo security at the top of our agenda,” the official said, pointing out that 35 percent of goods traded worldwide are shipped by air, which in 2009 amounted to som26 million tons. “Transporting these goods safely, securely and efficiently is critical,” he said, emphasizing that the responsibility for that should not just fall on airlines, but “the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to airport,” driven by co-operation between government and industry.