Investigators believe scammers used either a skimming device or a computer hack to steal credit and debit card information from victims that had used their cards at the Onondaga County Civic Center in Syracuse, New York. Police have now heard from more than 60 victims. So far, Syracuse Police said most of the victims have reported using their credit or debit card in the basement at the cafeteria of the civic center. One of those victims said his bank called him a few days ago to check on some irregular charges made at the Long Island Rail Road. “The bank had paid five to six transactions, almost $800,” he said. While police are not sure which method the scammers used to get the card information, they said it appears they have had the information for about 8 to 10 months and only recently started using it. Although investigators believe it has been narrowed down to the civic center, they want anyone who has used a card at the Oncenter or War Memorial to also check their statements.