FREE Webinar from Moog Quikset on July 27!

With the increased concern over terrorist threats and intrusions at critical infrastructure sites, installing and operating a reliable, flexible and compliant detection, surveillance, and control system has become imperative. The level of threat to critical infrastructures across the world is high, and these facilities are expected to remain vulnerable in the coming years. Budgets are tight across the board, so getting your security solution right the first time is crucial. 

Knowing what questions to ask ensures you will create the optimal security and surveillance system to protect critical assets in challenging environments thereby avoiding common mistakes that often lead to inefficient or ineffective security.

Join us at our upcoming Webinar to hear from an industry expert on optimizing your security budget while mitigating risk within your CIP environment. You will learn the key questions to ask to avoid common mistakes including:

• Accurately appraising risks and threats when designing perimeter and CIP security solutions
• Integration issues between enterprise security systems and CIP including surveillance, analytics and communications networks
• Applying layered, complimentary surveillance technologies that provide cost effective, highly efficient systems
• Lifecycle strategies and ROI evaluations for harsh environments
• Developing a zone defense methodology and mitigating risks to your enterprise

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