Calgary grocery stores are ramping up security and safety precautions amid this week’s rash of new food tampering incidents at three Sobeys outlets. “This is a top priority now for all our stores,” said a Canada Safeway spokeswoman. “And while we haven’t had any incidents in Safeway, it makes us no less vigilant. When it comes to food safety, our industry is one and we all have to take precautions.” Safeway managers held meetings Thursday, discussing ways to beef up security. Security staff rotations have been increased, while managers have been asked to spend more time on the floor, monitoring staff and customers. Staff working in produce and bakery departments have been asked to be vigilant, checking food often, looking for suspicious people and conversing with customers to ensure they are regular customers and food is safe. All local Sobeys stores held several “checkpoint” meetings throughout the day Wednesday with managers and staff, reminding them to increase their food-checking practices. A company spokesman said, “Visual inspections are really important...does food look like it’s been tampered with, disrupted?” Police are investigating three new incidents of food tampering at Sobeys stores in the south one week after charges were filed in a similar case at the Oakridge Co-op. A 43-year-old mother of two, was charged with mischief in connection with the Co-op case. The three tampered items found this week were purchased at Sobeys in Cranston, McKenzie Towne and Millrise. This time, the objects inserted were a pin, a nail and a small metal spring, inserted into an avocado and kaiser buns, according to police. These incidents are especially worrisome, say police, since the objects were buried in the food, whereas at the Co-op, the pins were more obvious.

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