Yesterday, the New York Times City Critic Ariel Kaminer wrote about security cameras in the Times Square area, piggybacking on the terror bomb attempt May 1 encouraged by the Taliban in Pakistan. Kaminer wrote in part: There’s one, over by the Walgreens entrance, and there’s another, just below the King Tut banner — video cameras, installed by private companies to survey the public spectacle of Times Square. I would not have seen the countless electronic eyes had Christopher Falkenberg, the president of a firm called Insite Security, not pointed them out. But I felt pretty sure those cameras had a clear view of me.

Start looking for them and they really are everywhere: the New York Police Department cameras, which announce themselves with bright insignia; a cluster of three orbs, hanging like fruit outside Blue Fin on West 47th Street and Broadway; a pair of glass spheres stacked outside the Starbucks across the street. Staring into one, I was startled to see something staring back: a lens swiveling toward me for a better view. In the aftermath of the failed car bombing, Christopher Falkenberg, a security expert, leads a tour of Times Square and talks about security in the city. Falkenberg, a former Secret Service agent, is president of Insite Security, which provides security services and training for families, individuals and corporations

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