SDI (System Development.Integration, LLC), a systems integrator specializing in public sector security technologies and infrastructure, tells Security Magazine Blog that it has been contracted by  Omnitrans, an operator of public transit  in San Bernardino County, California,  to deliver an On-Board Video/Audio Surveillance System (OBVSS) to be installed on 167 of their buses. The $1.96M project, partially financed with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, will provide Omnitrans with a complete suite of mobile digital video, audio and metadata functionality, as well as on-board 802.11 wireless LAN capabilities, GPS integration, and a driver-triggered emergency alarm button.

The SDI team will provision eight cameras per bus, covering the entire interior and exterior of each bus, as well as on-board sensors, digital system status modules, and LCD monitors. The system will be fully integrated with Omnitrans’ central video management, maintenance, and archiving systems, and linked to Omnitrans two maintenance facilities via an SDI-architected wireless network. SDI will furnish all OBVSS equipment, server/storage, and spare inventory, including a three-year warranty period for all system components. SDI, along with its partner Kodiak Mobile Installations, will provide Omnitrans with on-going technical support that includes a toll-free warranty/support hotline with 24x7 availability.

Omnitrans is a public transit agency providing 50,000 passenger trips each weekday in the San Bernardino Valley of Southern California. Founded in 1976 through a joint powers agreement, Omnitrans carries over 15 million passengers each year throughout its 480-square mile service area encompassing 1.2 million people residents. “The OBVSS system is another extension of the agency’s drive to increase the security and customer satisfaction of our riders,” says P. Scott Graham, Director of Operations for Omnitrans. “With quicker access to greater visual coverage of our bus environment, Omnitrans will have more data to fine tune our customer’s experience, as well as to quickly and efficiently secure the safety of our drivers and passengers.”

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