A failed plot to set off bombs in the New York subway system last year was part of a larger al-Qaida terrorist conspiracy that planned a similar attack in England, U.S. prosecutors said Wednesday. In an indictment unsealed Wednesday, prosecutors added several al-Qaida figures to the case, including an FBI most-wanted terrorist. One of the al-Qaida leaders in charge of plotting attacks worldwide was directly involved in recruiting and plotting the New York attack, prosecutors said. The U.S. attorney general has called that plot one of the most dangerous since the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. Two of the men indicted Wednesday were linked to a previously undisclosed companion plot in England. Three U.S. citizens were arrested in September 2009 before, prosecutors said, they could carry out a trio of suicide bombings in Manhattan. The men have pleaded guilty and admitted planning to detonate homemade bombs on the subway during rush hour.

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