The North African terror group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has threatened to attack this summer’s World Cup games in South Africa. “How amazing could the match United States vs. Britain be when broadcasted live on air at a stadium packed with spectators when the sound of an explosion rumbles through the stands, the whole stadium is turned upside down and the number of dead bodies are in their dozens and hundreds, Allah willing,” read a statement the group published in a recent issue of the Jihadi online magazine Mushtaqun Lel Jannah (Longing to Paradise). In addition to the U.S. and U.K. teams, the teams representing France, Germany, and Italy are also on the group’s list of targets. The group said they would use some undetectable explosive that will be able to circumvent security checkpoints at the games. The statement appeared to directly challenge FIFA’s president. “All the security checks and X-ray machines that America will be sending after reading this article would not be capable of detecting how those explosives made it into the stadium and that for a simple reason that we will be announcing in due course,” the statement says.

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