A drive-thru customer at a Daytona Beach, Florida Wendy’s restaurant chased employees with a stun gun after not getting the packets of condiments she wanted, police said. The woman became irate May 17 at the Wendy’s on LPGA Boulevard. Two women were arrested when police found them driving down the road less than one mile from the restaurant. Employees told WFTV the whole incident started with some yelling about condiments. It took a turn for the worst when one of the women allegedly came in brandishing a stun gun. Wendy’s employees scattered when the woman, upset about what she didn’t get at the drive-thru, rushed in firing the stun gun. “I went out the back door, the security door, and ran to 7-Eleven. They let me borrow a cell phone and I called in a description, ‘cause I didn’t know if it was a gun or not,” an employee said. “Nobody got tased, but he was going to get tased if he didn’t run all the way back,” another employee said. The two women were arrested and are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and principle to assault.

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