Watchful eyes are the future for as many as 28 locations along the San Francisco waterfront as part of a $2.7 million effort to bolster security and prevent terrorist attacks. The latest security upgrade comes amid recent comments by city leaders that San Francisco is a potential terrorist target and that additional safety measures are necessary. The Port of San Francisco property is a popular destination, bustling with all kinds of activities. It’s where cruise ships dock, people stroll along piers, others shop or eat choice seafood at thriving restaurants. The 7.5 miles of San Francisco Bay shoreline stretches from Hyde Street Pier in the north to the India Basin in the south, comprising more than 1,000 acres. A closed-circuit television system will be installed to “improve perimeter security, and enhance prevention, detection, response to and recovery from terrorist incidents on port property,” according to officials. the number and location of cameras the port will install remains under discussion. Also unclear is just how the footage will be monitored. “The port has no plans to request SFPD provide real-time monitoring of the system,” a port spokeswoman said. The system “will be Web-based, utilizing video analytics where appropriate,” according to the mayor’s proposed budget, which includes spending of a homeland security grant. “It will be accessible to selected port personnel as well as port partners such as the San Francisco Police Department via designated stations, as well as through the Internet. CCTV system video feeds, and Access Control System sensors, will be monitored on an ongoing basis by the Department of Technology.”

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