The United States does not want countries to use identical airport security systems which could make it easier for potential attackers to elude them. “What we want to avoid is a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, because then the terrorists know about the approach and they plan around it,” the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security said during a visit to Europe to discuss tightening airport security. U.S. use of full body scanning airline passengers has increased. “There is a whole mix of technology and practices that can be done at airports independently of scanners and this is what we are focused on as an international consensus,” the Security Secretary said. In meetings with international airline officials, it was agreed to form new measures on airline passenger information sharing by April. Worldwide airlines executives have suggested that some electronic scanning measures and database collection may be illegal in some locations and countries.

Security Blog has a full transcript of the press conference between Secretary Napolitano and International Air Transport Association Director General Bisignani on aviation security. At: