The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the interagency Long Term Disaster Recovery Working Group, Friday issued a draft of the National Disaster Recovery Framework — focused on engaging state, local and tribal governments, nonprofit partners, the private sector, and the public to enhance the nation’s ability to recovery from disasters. The report is now available for review by visiting The comment period will begin the week of February 8 when the report is also posted to the Federal Register, and the comment period will run from that time through February 26, 2010. The National Disaster Recovery Framework provides a model to collectively identify and address challenges that arise during the disaster recovery process — designed to help the broad emergency management community work better together to support individuals, households and communities as they rebuild and restore their ways of life following a disaster.

Security Magazine Bloggers: The Recovery Framework document will be available next week at in Docket FEMA-2010-0004. Individuals and other stakeholders who wish to submit comments can do so at using the Docket identification number as a search term.