When there is a train car derailment, it is often local first responders who must make accurate

decisions very quickly based on information they have on hand or must gather from placards or the train engineer’s manifest.

Electronic load manifest technology already exists, with CSX, for example, providing real-time tracking of its hazardous cargo transports to Chemtrec, the Chemical Transportation Emergency Center, which was created in 1971 from the American Chemistry Council and designed to assist emergency responders with incidents involving hazardous material and dangerous goods.

Web-enabled, the public service hotline for fire fighters, law enforcement, and other emergency responders operated at all times so these responders can obtain information and assistance for emergency incidents involving chemicals and hazardous materials. Shippers of hazardous materials can comply with U.S. federal and state safety regulations by registering with the service. Not all carriers use the service in the same way and the service may not cover all the states.

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