One of two Chinese academic institutions identified in a New York Times report on February 18 as the apparent source of the recent attacks against Google, has also been linked to a hacker who may have been involved with the takedown of in 2001. The Times reported that the recent cyberattacks against Google and more than 30 other organizations appeared to have originated from computers at two schools in China. One of the schools was identified as the Shanghai Jiaotong University; the other as the Lanxiang Vocational School, an academic institution in China’s Shandong Province with apparent ties to the country’s military. A U.S. military contractor attacked in the same manner as Google, has even pointed investigators to a specific computer science class taught by a Ukrainian professor at the vocational school as one source of the attacks, the Times said.

With a push to convergence by U.S. physical security executives, there are Security Magazine archived articles on the topic at