A survey released this week the Ponemon Institute suggests that large and medium businesses are putting themselves at risk of cell phone voice call interception. According to a survey of seventy five companies and 107 senior executives in the United States, it costs U.S. corporations on average $1.3 million each time a corporate secret is revealed to unauthorized parties. Eighteen percent of respondents estimate such losses to occur weekly or more frequently; 61 percent say such leaks occur at least monthly. Ninety percent of companies say such leaks occur at least once a year. 67 percent of IT practitioners surveyed lack confidence that the proprietary and confidential information conveyed during cell phone conversations is adequately secured in their organizations. Eighty percent believe that their organizations would not discover the wrongful interception of a cell phone conversation that revealed valuable corporate secrets. Only 14 percent of organizations have deployed technological solutions to personnel travelling to high risk locations. Eighty-three percent of companies are not even training employees about the risks of using cell phones in high risk areas, Ponemon says.

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