Here is a preview of some of the booths at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits event, which starts Monday, Sept. 21, in Anaheim, Calif. Zalud's Blog will be covering the educational sessions and exhibit floor daily.

‘In Touch’ Keypad Features at DMP Booth 831

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is showing products, of course, but also security innovations and new opportunities for recurring revenue at its booth. Visitors experience the In Touch features that let users remotely interact with their panels as well as discover the intuitive operation of Entré Access & Security Management System and browse nearly 30 styles of the new Designer Series Keypad Covers.

Says Mark NeSmith, vice president of sales, “Our burglary panels now offer new features that add user convenience while creating opportunities for recurring dealer revenue.” New Entré software enables ease of control for security systems of all sizes. And there are new keypad accessories that let security system owners have some fun by customizing their keypads. At the booth, Designer Series Keypad Covers are being given away to a lucky winner every hour.

In Touch Messaging Features

The DMP In Touch messaging features make it possible for users to control their alarm systems via SMS text commands from their cell phone.

Entré software, used with DMP XR100/XR500 panels, gives users fast, simple, point-and-click control over every aspect of their access control or security system.

Designer Series Keypad Covers

Thinline and Aqualite keypad owners can give their keypad a design makeover with the new Designer Series Keypad Cover.

DMP Booth 831


See Things Clearly at Pixim Booth 3275

There’s a lot of action at the Pixim booth within the ASIS International exhibits.

Of curse, attendees can watch live video from cameras featuring Pixim's Digital Pixel System, with image clarity in all lighting conditions:

The firm will be giving away a Pixim-powered camera every 30 minutes from one of these leading camera companies: GE Security, Aigis Technologies, OpenEye, Rainbow, DG * Digital Watchdog, S|C BLACK, Clinton Electronics and ioi ioimage. Then there is a grand prize of an Apple entertainment system, sponsored by deView.

Pixim's chipsets are at the heart of hundreds of thousands of security cameras worldwide, capturing and delivering clear, accurate images in all lighting conditions.

Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology has impacted the way video cameras capture and process images. Unlike traditional cameras, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim's technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras constantly self-adjusting.

Pixim Booth 3275


SentryNet’s Bottom Line in Booth 4423

SentryNet plans to focus on providing new recurring revenue streams for SentryNet dealers with technology and service offerings.

Kurt Erdman, sales manager for SentryNet, commented that “the ability to walk a SentryNet dealer over to any of our manufacturing partner’s booths for a real time demonstration of services offered by SentryNet was a real bonus to the sales process.” “Our dealers are thrilled to find such excellent support just a few aisles over. It helps us show the high quality technology and service that our partners provide.”

Added David Avritt, president, “Our goal at ASIS is to provide a variety of ways to our dealers for generating RMR by offering new and enhanced services to existing customers. These new offerings will help many dealers diversify in this tough economy and take advantage of all our industry has to offer.”

SentryNet at Booth 4423


A Physical Security Infrastructure Thing for Quantum Secure at Booth 4029

Quantum Secure, at the forefront of the converging worlds of physical and logical security, helps enable clients to leverage existing physical security infrastructure to dramatically reduce costs and risk. Companies around the world -- Adobe, Juniper Networks, Toronto and San Francisco airports, Baxter Pharmaceuticals and more -- are all taking advantage of this new technology to integrate disparate PACS, automate key security processes and ensure compliance. At the booth, attendees can meet with key members of its executive team, chat with product experts and experience a full product demo to understand exactly how Quantum Secure is streamlining security identities, compliance and events across disparate physical security systems. 

Quantum Secure at 4029


Feel the Tech at Feeling Software Booth 4231

The company is showing technology that was just introduced earlier this summer: iGuard and Omnipresence.

iGuard is mobile video surveillance on the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone. Compatible with Genetec Omnicast video management system, iGuard gives security officers access to video feeds, archived video, and control of PTZ cameras while patrolling.

The Omnipresence 3D Surveillance System, aimed at large scale surveillance systems in airports, train stations, and city-wide installations, enables a security professional to understand a situation, seen through hundreds of cameras, at one glance.

Feeling Software in Booth 4231


Integration Master Plan from TAC – Schneider Electric in Both 3183

Five best-of-class security technologies that integrate with the Andover Continuum system are being demonstrated. The integration includes:

  • Digital video recording (Integration with Pelco by Schneider Electric)
  • Ethernet-based fingerprint biometrics
  • Access Control
  • IP-based intercom
  • Web-based visitor management

Other features include adjustment of access criteria based on the threat level; after-hours control of HVAC and lighting via BACnet as well as power monitoring. In addition, TAC has updated the Andover Continuum integrated card access/security and energy management solution with a new user interface that simplifies the command flow and provides users with a streamlined, modern experience.

TAC – Schneider in Booth 3183


Lobby Security? Smarter Security Systems Has Answers in Booth 906

Its Fastlane GlassGate 200 optical turnstile was chosen to protect the lobby of a prominent class A building in Los Angeles and, in addition to security, the installation enabled building management to save operational expenses by reducing its security officer headcount.

Four lanes of GlassGate 200 with four-foot high glass were installed in pairs to secure access to two elevator bays in the lobby of the building. After installing the turnstiles, the management company eliminated two security officer positions which saved 160 man hours a week.

Smarter Security Systems in Booth 906