In interviews for an upcoming Security Magazine article on hybrid security video (coming in the December 2009 print issue), a couple of somewhat alien terms arose – cloud computing and hosted services, according to the article reporter Bill Zalud.

One example of the success of cloud computing is and the vision of Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Marc Benioff. He just coauthored a book that shares untold details of how the company went from idea to billion-dollar phenomenon and revolutionized an industry. “Behind the Cloud” offers 10 playbooks showing business and security executives how to be successful using the tech concept.

"Behind the Cloud" provides readers with a practical, how-to guide, including 10 playbooks with 111 plays that are packaged as case studies so entrepreneurs and existing business executives may employ the secrets to's success. Readers will uncover the plays used to take from idea to billion-dollar company in just 10 years, all while revolutionizing the technology industry. But "Behind the Cloud" is about more than just technology. Benioff details the company's innovative integrated philanthropy model that has generated $14 million in grants, 150,000 hours of donated employee service and 6,000 successful nonprofit organizations running on's service.

Ironically, the book is being sold on Amazon.doc, which is receiving security industry attention of its own for its Software as a service, business-centric activities.