The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (, a global consortium of physical security providers focused on promoting interoperability of IP-enabled devices in the security industry, has released its Recording and Content Management (RaCM) draft specification for public comment.

The specification standardizes the way recording and content management products interface with other devices in the security ecosystem, specifically security management systems. The primary goal is for the specification to be leveraged in recording devices and video management systems to enable users to have a single VMS to view recorded video. “This new proposed specification will enable any security management system to interface with any recording device without the burden of extensive coding and integration efforts,” said Igal Dvir, CTO, NICE Security Group and Co-Chair of the RaCM Working Group. “It will also dramatically increase the openness of security systems as end users and integrators will have the freedom of choice when integrating recording solutions with security management systems.”

Not only will the open interface reduce costs for solution providers, it will also help secure investments in hardware and software as security management systems that support the RaCM specification will support existing DVR/NVR solutions. “The current specification we have released for public review is the culmination of input and analysis of numerous technology companies involved with the video industry,” said Dave Fowler, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product Development, VidSys, and Co-Chair of

the RaCM Working Group. “In addition to accepting inputs from the industry as a whole, we hope to receive input on additions that should be made to enhance the specification in the future. In the interim, several companies already have implementations underway.”

The specification can be viewed at