Andy Marken of Marken Communications has valuable insight in the operasting systems battles.

In this email to Zalud’s Blog, he writes: This was tough to write because it's just fun to throw stones at Microsoft for this, that, darned near everything. But they finally seem to have all the troops marching in the same direction and while millions say it's about time. Win 7 looks darn solid. They've got corporate and individual OS solutions and apps (ok so some Texan judge said they can't sell Word in the U.S. but get real!!!) Apple likes them a lot better than the guy from the cloud company. After all totally eliminating malware sounds great but MS, Apple, Unix, Linux haven't achieved that in 20+ years and Chrome is still to be the clouds. And sure you may get abused when you call everyone else's tech support line but at least they have a phone number to call. MS knows this is a battle they can not lose.