As government and enterprise security work together or apart to prioritize the protection of critical infrastructure, there’s the chance on not spending as much time and resources on soft targets – people, facilities and things that are relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to criminal or terrorist attack.

This Thursday, experts representing diverse organization will share answers and advice in New York City. The Global Elite Group’s Peter Harlick will moderate a Homeland Security table top panel discussion during the ISC East Expo ( at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on Thursday, Oct. 29 from 1:30 to 2:30 located in the Public Security & Safety Viewpoint Stage, Booth 1835. Tell them Security Magazine sent you.

The expert panel will be comprised of high-level security and risk mitigation experts representing the aviation, hotel, and business communities in the New York metro area. As well as, representatives from the FBI and DHS who will discuss their efforts to educate the business community on recent terrorism alerts and threats. As local, state and federal authorities step up their efforts to secure government facilities, bridges, tunnels, subways and other high-value targets based on the increase in terrorist activity, how can private security firms focus their efforts on securing the soft targets. New York City and the entire metro region is a target rich environment. How does your firm work with your private security firm to ensure the safety of your customers and staff as well as overall business continuity against everyday threats? Criminal activity can come from outside forces as well as from within.

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